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Imran Khan Leaked Video Goes Viral On Social Media


WATCH: A Leaked Video of Imran Khan Goes Viral On Social Media: Things are heating up in Pakistan now that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been booted out of Parliament after a no-confidence motion was passed in the general assembly. Now that Imran Khan was no longer in power, many people and politicians attempted to bring him down by spreading rumours about his sexual escapades with several young women. Yes, he had physical encounters with several girls in the past, which politicians are now exploiting. He was booted out of parliament and now lives as a regular guy.

Video of Imran Khan has been leaked

He is the former Prime Minister and chairman of the political party TehreekeInsaf. Not only did he misbehave with women, but he also did some excellent work of which few people are aware. He enhances Pakistani policy and is continually working to strengthen India-Pakistan relations. He also established strong connections with other countries such as the United States, China, and others. When it came to serving the country, he performed an outstanding job.


Everyone was hoped he’d be able to finish his five years as Prime Minister, but he won’t be able to. He only held the role of Prime Minister for four years. If he holds the job for five years, his name will be added to a list of prime ministers who have held the position for more than five years. However, he was unable to accomplish so.

On Twitter, Imran Khan’s leaked video became viral

On the internet, a video of him doing some unpleasant things with some lovely girls has gone viral. The video lasted approximately two to three minutes. Some are wondering if he is the Imran Khan who has been having sexual relations with the girl. People are perplexed and eager to learn the truth.

His news is also covered by some Pakistani news stations. When the video was uploaded, it was immediately erased. Those who have seen it. They took a video of him and saved it on their phones. They were now disseminating his footage over other media. If you come across any of his videos, simply delete them. It comes highly recommended by us.

Don’t look at it, and don’t tell anyone about it. Because it harms both his and the girls’ image. This isn’t the first time a case like this has surfaced on the internet. Many investigations are still pending, and cops have yet to identify the true perpetrator.


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