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Genshin Impact Archaic Stone Location Version 2.6 & How To Use Them?


Genshinn impacted version 2.6 creating buzz countless quests added to GI version 2.6 with a long side from a new area, and one of Travelers aid to a bounty throughout an Archaic stone from the upper level from the Chasm. The chasm is filled` with discovered Archaic stones throughout the upper level of the chasm. The chasm is full of cliffs where games require to do a lot of climbing. Travelers can discover the level of the chasm in Genshin except for number 2 or number 7. Stay tuned to our website for more latest updates!!!!

Genshin Impact Archaic Stone Location Version 2.6

Genshin Impact Details

Likewise, 1st stone gamers can statue o fand 7 head south. Travelers should use external rock in order to gain the Archaic stone. This location should be ready with a team that can fight along with players that they can fight in order to gain the Archaic stone. The gamers can also jump down into the platform, this location foes, players should be ready. The 3rd location requires climbing. Waypoint of Tiangong Gorge took advantage and can increase the ability to jump the character top of the cliff.

Genshin Impact Archaic Stone Location Version 2.6

Upon the gamers of Archaic stone. Attention to minimap so that would not head the wrong cliff. The Archaic has located require and destroyed seven-star seal sundering world quest. The 7th rock is in Fuao vale. The lowest area in the digging close to archaic teleport and head northwest the lowest area in Fuao Vale the surface head. We should use it to reach the cliff faster teleport back to the last waypoint and head towards the north.

How To Use Genshin Impact Archaic Stone?

A hilichurl is the digging area close to the stone West surface begins from the last location and goes into the last Archaic stone. One of the globe quests will ask Travelers easy tasks, even for veterans not mark any locations of the stone on the map. Most of them are located on top of a cliff except for numbers 2 or 7. Whilst can ignore and run straight away to the Archaic Stone. Make sure they pay attention to the minimap they would not accidentally head to the wrong cliff. From the last location go southeast into the last Archiac Stone.


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