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Find Meaning #Find #Meaning Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Most people go to places or do things that are a mixture of necessity (work) and opportunity (meet friends). During these experiences, and especially through conversation, both meaning and mystery may be found. Yet, most folks misunderstand meaning and entirely miss mystery in what they do and in what has been done for them. Just last week, I discerned meaning and glimpsed mystery.

I have needed the help of a physical therapist for many weeks. She and I have conversed at every session. We have begun to share information about ourselves that does not routinely get shared among strangers. I told her about the joy my wife and I have with our granddaughter. The therapist lights up about this. I asked about her family, and she proudly showed me pictures of her two dogs. “They,” she said, “are my husband’s and my family.”


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I did not pry, but several sessions later, the therapist told me that her mother had passed from ovarian cancer at a young age. She said no more than that. To me, this was a mystery. I web searched and learned there is a 10% risk of hereditary passage of that type of cancer. There are tests that can be taken, and the tests may suggest a much higher risk. I thought that I found meaning, that my therapist would love to have a family, but she either was afraid or she had taken steps to stop pregnancy. I prayed for her and her husband to have God’s grace.

Jewish places of worship today are mostly called synagogues, but during Jesus’ three-year ministry, they were called temples. Even the smallest temple was led by a priest who had some support staff. Money was necessary for them to eat. Commonly, it was expected that those who used the temple would offer some payment (a tithe) for being in the building. Additionally, the priest’s staff went out of the temple to attempt to actively collect a “Temple Tax,.” The Temple Tax was neither a tithe or a law, but rather a local custom. Disciple Matthew wrote of an experience of his brother Disciple Simon Peter (Peter), who was asked if Jesus had paid the Temple Tax.

Disciple Matthew heard Peter tell Jesus of this. Web Search Matthew 17: 24-27. Look for meaning and for a mystery. Jesus taught his disciples during his ministry. He listened to Peter, then he asked Peter questions, allowing Peter to reason and comment. Did the Temple Tax support God’s business or did it support the priest and his staff personally? You may have to read the passage a few times to find meaning. The mystery is found in how Jesus decided what to do about the tax.

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