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Dubai Porta Potty Party Viral Video South Africa Girls Twitter and Reddit Clip Leaked


Several videos have surfaced online and have taken the interest of everyone. Recently, the Dubai Porta Potty video went viral on social media. It has been getting a lot of interest from the netizens. Needless to say, the name of this new TikTok trend sounds bad enough on its own. Wait until you get to know about this as it is probably worse than anyone can even think. You must be curious to know about this latest viral trend that has taken everyone by surprise. Here is everything we know about it.

Dubai Porta Potty Party

According to @ebrahim_ka, a TikTok user’s post, the ongoing trend has become the talk of the town on every social media platform lately. Well, let us tell you that these new trends feature female Instagram models and influencers getting messages from men in Dubai who reportedly pay them thousands of money, or we say millions of dollars to defecate on their faces. Yes, it might sound strange but it is the truth. The models actually get paid if they fulfill the men from Dubai’s wishes. Now, this whole matter has landed on social media and is grabbing the eyeballs of many.

The TikTok user we mentioned above has stated that all rich men in Dubai fly girls out to do this and called them disgusting. The user also added that they seem to have some kind of fetish which is really unbelievable. Let us add that the TikToker is also from Dubai and happens to be a rich man. The user went on to say that this kind of fetish or kink is not common in the country but for some time, it has been happening and is giving a lot of attention to those men and the female models involved in it.

Although it is not clear how exactly the TikTok trend start, it is said that it is not anything new as it has been happening for some time now. One of the friends of the woman that happens to be part of the Dubai Porta Potty video stated that the woman was assaulted by those Dubai men and was asked to eat their feces in exchange for $40,000 GH¢ 200,000. The friend revealed that the women have been earning a great amount of money for eating shit and have expensive belongings too. However, the identity of those women has not been disclosed yet. Stay tuned to this space for more such updates.


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