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Do Goldfish Yawn? The Surprising Answer!


Do Goldfish Yawn? The Surprising Answer! #Goldfish #Yawn #Surprising #Answer Welcome to JibGlobe Pet And Grooming Sponsored, here is the new story we have for you today:

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If you have goldfish, youve likely spotted them yawning from time to time. Its actually a routine occurrence for goldfish to do this, leading people to wonder if goldfish are yawning in the same way that humans or other mammals would do. It certainly looks like a yawn when they do it, but goldfish dont breathe through their mouth as humans do.

So, if not a yawn, what is it? Lets talk about whether or not goldfish actually yawn! divider-fishbowl

Do Goldfish Yawn?

What you are seeing is not a yawn because goldfish do not yawn. Its still a mystery why exactly humans yawn, but there are multiple theories, mostly surrounding getting more oxygen into the body or stretching the lungs. It may also help stretch muscles and joints, increase the heart rate, or communicate certain feelings to other people.

Goldfish either dont need these processes or have other body processes in place to account for them. Because of this, goldfish simply do not need to yawn.

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