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Deandre Hopkins Beaver Tranquilizer Rumor


Deandre Hopkins’ Beaver Tranquilizer has been debunked. Rumor: DeAndre Hopkins allegedly took a beaver tranquillizer, according to rumours circulating on the internet. This comes after the NFL announced that the Cardinals receiver would be suspended. De Andre Hopkins is a popular and well-known football player who has gained a huge name and fame in the sports industry. He is a member of the Arizona Cardinals football team. He’s currently in the spotlight after rumours that he used a beaver tranquillizer surfaced. Fans have been clamouring for additional information about the rumour and DeAndre Hopkins. We’ve got all the details on DeAndre Hopkins right here, so stay tuned.

Debunked: Deandre Hopkins Beaver Tranquilizer Rumor

Following the NFL’s announcement that the Cardinals receiver would be suspended, a story began circulating on the internet that DeAndre Hopkins had taken a beaver tranquillizer. According to the release, DeAndre Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals has been suspended for six games for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy. The amazing player is going to miss a chunk of the upcoming season for the Cardinals.

Last season, DeAndre caught 42 catches for 572 yards and eight touchdowns in ten games. Hopkin’s brand manager, Doug Sanders, issued a statement following the announcement, claiming that the athlete is not testing all of the goods he consumes in order to determine what caused the positive test. Apart from this, Hopkins has also issued an apology to the Cardinals and his fans saying “See you Week 7”. After this news, there was a rumor that surfaced online claiming that DeAndre took a beaver tranquilizer whereby he was suspended.

The rumours appear to have originated from a large Twitter account with 94k followers. “Sources say DeAndre Hopkins tested positive for three different types of anabolic steroids and a low-grade animal tranquillizer,” the post says. It is, however, incorrect and is merely a movie taste.

When it comes to DeAndre Hopkins is an American football wide receiver who plays for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League. He was born in Clemson, South Carolina, on June 6, 1992. He also attended Clemson University and played football there. The Houston Texans selected him in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. He has appeared in five Pro Bowls and is considered one of the top five all-time Pro teams. He was raised by his single mother, Sabrina Greenlee with whom he shares a strong bond. Harris Steve Hopkins, his father, died in a vehicle accident. Keep an eye on this space for further information.


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