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Chardon High School Football Group Member Dead, Funeral Updates & Obituary!


According to recent reports, Justin Stanko, who was a member of the football team for almost four years and later became captain, was coached by Mitch Hewitt and he was a very good player who was selected to the all-Ohio second team when he was a senior and also won the award for best sportsmanship. His birthday is June 7th. He had been a very active player since he was a child, and he intended to pursue a career only in football.

Justin Stanko’s Cause of Death

In terms of his game, he started 931 minutes in total in the second game, which was code 22 goals in 90 minutes and lasted approximately 5 games. His hometown was St. Charles, and he graduated from high school there in 2013. He also played in five matches for the University of Chicago men’s soccer team, and he used to play soccer, basketball, and tennis during his Orange school years. He then pursued his career and ambition to become an accounting professor, and his favorite hobby is lifting.

Justin Stanko – Obituary & Funeral Updates

In the year 2014, he also played 22 May matches and made 21 starts, scoring three goals and earning seven points. However, heaven the goal and he was rated second in the shorts, nearly making 48 shots and guarding to even in 23 goals. He also seemed to take a season-high 9 shots, three of which were on target. He also played a game that was a double 11 for the resident in the direction of the 20th round on September 3rd and then scored one point after winning the goal on the first and second goal.

Justin Stanko – Family & Age

They defeated Webster University and scored their first goal in a 2-1 victory over Simpson in the first round of the NCCA tournament in November of the singles. He was a brilliant boy since childhood, and his family members always supported him through his highs and lows. However, there is little information about his family on the internet or on social media because he used to keep things extremely secret, which is why we don’t know much about his family.


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