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Can We Talk About A Bear Market In Crypto Right Now?


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Can We Talk About a Bear Market in Crypto Right Now? | by Alexandros Roumpos #Talk #Bear #Market #Crypto #Alexandros #Roumpos Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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This query is in most peoples thoughts now.

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Can we discuss a bear market in crypto proper now? Questions like this are in each channel, discussion board, or chat about crypto. Are we in a crypto winter? Did we hit the underside? Should I purchase now BTC or ought to I look forward to extra decline in the value?


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Last evening a Quora person requested me the query: “ Can we talk about a bear market in crypto right now?”. I couldn’t resist to put in writing a solution. It was in my thoughts for a whereas ,to seek out a good reply to the identical query the person had. It was a good alternative to present the reply to myself too.

I believed I ought to share with you the reply I wrote:

“ Let me speak to You from the Bottom of my Heart.

That is one of my constant thoughts every day, from the beginning of this wonderful Year 2022.

Let me explain to You.
I have invested some money in some cryptocurrencies. I am positive from my initial investment. I have liquidated most of my positions. Then I couldn’t decide which outcome we will experience. Would the Bulls or the Bears win this battle, between this infinite battle of Dark and Light?

You see ,this Bull run must be the longest in the history of Bitcoin. On the other hand, for the first time in the period of a bull run, so many people now know, or even have awareness of Bitcoin, and so many start adopting this new technological achievement, cryptocurrencies, based on Blockchain technology.

The vision of a people ( or maybe a team (like in the series of Mr.Robot)) to marry some of the existing technologies and give to the people what Prometheus gave to the ancient Greek ancestors , Fire, is astonishing. The tool to break the chains which we are tied to. The tool isn’t Fire, but Cryptocurrencies. The chains aren’t from iron. The monetary system is the chains .

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For the first time in the History of mankind, we could design a system for the transfer of value, that would be autonomous, everyone could participate , durable, and you can not distort.
With a monetary system that no central authority would control, I think the possibilities for a better, more human world to emerge, will dramatically increase.

Could this time the bull run be justified by the fact that so many new people and organizations put money in the crypto market?

Never mind. The point here is to understand that this new technology (with possibilities to disrupt the old monetary system, an act that would disturb the people who are in charge) in the bull markets from the past, was really a new technology, but in this last bull run (which we are trying to figure out if it is over or not), this technology is still in the first steps but gets more and more mainstream.

So ,in other words, the question is: Could this time the bull run be justified by the fact that so many new people and organizations put money in the crypto market?

Hard to tell. Ones for sure. Every cycle has at least two points. A starting point, “when the Bulls wakes up”, and a ending level “when we are deep in the winter and Bears are the only animals you can see”. With easy phrases what goes up should come down. The cycle of the economic system should restart in order that some can profit from that. A cycle between Life and Death. Light VS Darkness.

Hard to inform. Ones for positive. Every cycle has at the least two factors.

Based on the truth that this Bull run is, or was, the longest, I feel that solely the decline of the brand new highs we are going to see. A scenario the place after the battles between the Bulls and the Bears, the Bulls lose increasingly more territory, and the bears don’t allow them to conquer the value they’d earlier than.

Let me inform it to you from my coronary heart and my thoughts. I feel we’re on the starting of a Bear market and will probably be on the lowest level when the value of Bitcoin will fall by about $20,000. Take or give $5,000. And it should final about 1,5–2 years earlier than one thing( the Bitcoin halving date) triggers the Bulls to combat again.

But, however, however…
I say : I’ve a premonition, a hope, a doubt that it could possibly be the case, we may see a new ATH and even a value near the final ATH , as a result of many new gamers( people or companies) are going in. That is the explanation why I nonetheless have a portion of my small bag invested.

Another factor I do know, or at the least I Believe to be true, is that if the second of my positions is the result(new ATH and even near the final ATH), the Fall that can comply with, will likely be deep and can immediately hit a lot of individuals. Otherwise, we are going to anticipate to have a graph on the charts that could possibly be described as a wavy downhill hill, in a timeframe of a yr till we hit the underside.

Reduced capital, decreased threat. Gives us elevated security , decreased rewards.

With that in thoughts, I feel I performed my playing cards in one of the simplest ways. I elevated my capital to a diploma that no different trendy financial product may have elevated. If there may be extra, I’m pleased to money it out, even with a portion of my capital in stake. Reduced capital, decreased threat. Gives us elevated security , decreased rewards.
More than my preliminary capital is protected and if the BTC value goes up I wish to have a share. Otherwise if I get even (If the value reaches the value I purchased) I’ll promote. Finally, the final potential transfer to play if the value goes down (and by no means hit my shopping for place), is to carry till the following cycle , after which liquidate with revenue.

As I advised you originally I spoke from my coronary heart, I advised you all I had. Thank you to your query. After answering, it helped me to make my thoughts peaceable. Have a good day and a great evening.

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Thank you in advance. “

That was my answer to the Question: “Can we talk about a bear market in crypto right now?” authentic printed in Quora right here. Hope that each one readers have discovered a piece of data, of an recommendation, of knowledge. Thanks for studying and have good income out of your investments.

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