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Bow Wow’s BM Complains That He Has Her Blocked


Bow Wow’s BM Complains That He Has Her Blocked #Bow #Wows #Complains #Blocked Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

They may be quietly co-parenting, but ever so often Olivia Sky resurfaces with a complaint about Bow Wow. The rapper and the model welcomed their son, Stone, back in 2020 and publicly confirmed paternity. The father of two doesn’t mention Olivia and there have been rumors about their relationship being a tense one, but it seems as if they both want what’s best for their son.

However, it looks as if there may have been a recent snag now that Olivia has taken to her Instagram Story. “Never complain but I am today,” she wrote. “Then gonna pray on it and let it go.”

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“It *** because I got food poisoning so bad,” Olivia continued. “Can’t be in mommy mode and throwing up everywhere [sad face emoji]. Can’t even ask his daddy for help because I’m blocked.”

Back in January, Olivia dropped off a message on social media that thrust her estranged relationship with Bow into the spotlight.

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“I swear I salute all the real fathers!” Olivia wrote on her Instagram Story at the time. “The ones who actually get their child and spend time with them. The ones who calls and check on them on a daily basis. The ones who actually stand on what they say! The ones who call and volunteer to get them and the mother don’t have to ask! The ones who pick their child up to get their hair cut when it’s time. (the ones who have boys).”

Check out Olivia’s posts below.

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