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BOON LAY ATTACK VIDEO Went Viral Online & Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube & Instagram!


BOON LAY ATTACK VIDEO Went Viral Online & Leaked On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube & Instagram! #BOON #LAY #ATTACK #VIDEO #Viral #Online #Leaked #Twitter #Reddit #Youtube #Instagram Welcome to TmZ Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

A very horrible and frightening Video is gathering attention on social media platforms. A very horrible incident happened at Boon Lay Avenue. So a suspect was recently arrested on 8 April 2022 for attaching to other individuals. The local police department has confirmed the arrest. The man was found wearing a full sleeve white t-shirt and jeans. Although the arrest news of a second individual has also been confirmed. So some reliable media sources are announcing that both of them were found in the parking lot. Stay tuned to our website TmZ for more latest updates!!!!!!!

Boon Lay Attack Video

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Boon Lay Attack Video

And they were quickly arrested by the local police department. They were passing by a hair salon in the 175 block which was near to parts. The interrogation is now going on and they will be prosecuted if found guilty. Police are collecting a substantial amount of evidence from the crime spot. Although it is not clear what charges will be applied and on what basis they have been arrested as the identity of the victims has not been revealed.

Boon Lay Attack Video Reddit & Twitter

Online users have their own opinion on this case as they are demanding more information regarding this case as nothing is clear. Most probably both of them are around 19 or 20 years old and they are charged with attacking some individuals at the layer venue. A video is currently trending on the Internet where two individuals can be seen while eating and assaulting others. It is a very disturbing video but there has been no official confirmation by the authorities that it is the video of the incident.

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