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What is Bob Woodward’s Net Worth and Salary?

Bob Woodward is an American investigative journalist and author who has a net worth of $25 million. Bob Woodward began working for the Washington Post in 1971. Along with Carl Bernstein, he is best known for his original reporting on the Watergate scandal, which led to various federal investigations and ultimately to Richard Nixon’s presidential resignation. Since then, Woodward has continued to work for the Washington Post and has written numerous books on American politics. As we detail later in this article, those books have generated lucrative advances and royalties for Woodward, powering the majority of his net worth today.

Early Life and Education

Bob Woodward was born on March 26, 1943 in Geneva, Illinois to Jane and Alfred. He grew up in nearby Wheaton, where he went to Wheaton Community High School. Following his graduation in 1961, Woodward attended Yale College on a NROTC scholarship. He studied English literature and history there, and was a member of the Society of Book and Snake, one of Yale’s oldest secret societies. Woodward graduated in 1965 with his BA.

Military Service

After graduating from Yale, Woodward started a five-year tour of duty in the US Navy. He served aboard the USS Wright, where he was one of two officers tasked with handling nuclear launch codes. During his time in the Navy, Woodward also served as a communications officer under Admiral Robert O. Welander on the USS Fox. In 1970, he was discharged as a lieutenant.

Career Beginnings

Following his time in the Navy, Woodward was admitted to Harvard Law School. However, instead of attending, he chose to apply for a reporter job at the Washington Post while taking graduate classes at George Washington University. At first, Woodward failed to be hired due to a lack of experience in journalism. In response, he spent a year at the Montgomery Sentinel, after which he was finally hired as a reporter for the Post in 1971.

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Woodward’s claim to fame came in 1972, when he and fellow journalist Carl Bernstein were assigned to report on the burglary of Watergate, the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. Working under editor Ben Bradlee, the pair uncovered mass corruption in President Richard Nixon’s reelection committee, including not only its break-in at Watergate but its numerous attempts to cover up the events and their aftermath. Moreover, this led to new revelations of other illegal activities performed by members of Nixon’s administration. In 1974, Woodward and Bernstein penned a book about the scandal entitled “All the President’s Men”; a number-one bestseller, it was adapted into an acclaimed film in 1976 starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford.


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