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Army Patrol Van Attacked In Aba Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube


WATCH: Army Patrol Van Attacked In Aba Video Viral On Twitter, Reddit, YouTube: It is very unpleasurable news for every person in the whole world that gunmen on Friday morning attacked an Army patrol van at Aba and burnt the vehicle. These gunmen have been identified as the Yet-to-be. They started firing on the Army patrol van they tried to brunt there all vehicles. This painful incident happened around 3 am along the popular Tonimas Junction, Osisioma LGA axis of the Enugu-Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway and there is yet no record of causalities. Follow More Update On

Army Patrol Van Attacked In Aba Video

Army Patrol Van Attacked In Aba

All the gunmen tried to have ambushed the unsuspecting soldiers, who were on patrol setting the Army Patrol van ablaze. Cause of the fearful incident the local residents have been under tension and fear. They were forced to remain indoors. It is looking like a ghost town in Umushia up to 3 pm when people ventured outside. Because of the fearful incident all banks, all local government area headquarters, schools, markets, and stores were under lock and key. Rather traffic has been also non-existent and roads have become silent fully.

After this incident people in the gun, firing area has been looked at as a haunted place. People are inside their houses and trying to save their lives. It is very obvious to everyone how suddenly it started shooting in the army patrolling area. It has been creating fear in people. Legal authorities are trying to control the situation. They were all trying to save everyone’s life.

Army Patrol Van Attacked In Aba Video

When on the one side two countries’ people are fighting for their life, yes! We are talking about the Russia and Ukraine War, which has not ended now. It is clear when people have to fight for living on the earth, that becomes the worst situation in this world. When God made this world, God did not divide this world for any human, but human wishes divided the earth into many boundaries, and at a point, humans have to fight for living with other people. So this is human’s biggest selfish thing.

We make the boundaries to be living peacefully, but suddenly coming voices of a gunshot, become the worst fear for life, especially for those children, who even do not see anything in this world. Everyone has a positive hope full controlling the situation, so they could live a normal life. How could a human go aginst with other human’s life just for the some worst getting?


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