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Are April Marie and Jake Cunningham Still Together In Real Life?


The Ultimatum: Are April Marie and Jake Cunningham Still Together In Real Life?: Recently, On Netflix, a series has been launched named The Ultimatum. This series is related to the dating couple in which the couples have been invited to the show, given some tasks to prove whether the partner’s love is everlasting or not. If the one couple passed all the tests then they are in a true relationship. If not, then they have to split them forever. And this is the cool part of this game. Every single day, couples have assigned different tasks and they have to perform them either in a good mood or in a bad mood. Through this show, Now the real truth will know to the users whether the couple’s love is true or not. Follow More Update On

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Are April Marie and Jake Cunningham Still Together?

This series has come to some new excitement, some new games, and some new tests which everyone has to perform. You can watch every episode on Netflix where the users or the new couples found the interesting things in this show. Already fifty contestants have participated in this show and more are yet to come.

Who are April Marie and Jake Cunnigham?

April Marie and Jake Cunningham are contestants on the show where they are the main highlighted couple in the media and on the show. During the show, Jake meets several people and they quickly make friends. He joins Rae Williams and they decide to put together a test message portion of the show. Let us tell you, users, that this is part of the game.

April Marie and Jake Cunningham’s Relationship

At the same time, in April, he also met some good people and he teamed up with Colby Kissinger. She is also good at making friends and building strong relationships with him as a friend. At some point, April and Colby kiss her on the show, while Rae and Jake are just watching her actions. There will be a lot of drama in this show and after the show, there will be disputes between them.

Many people have already announced on the internet that they are going to be separated forever. But official confirmation from the owners or judges is awaited. It’s quite unclear whether they are going for a relationship in the future or if they are going for a split in the future. As of now, we don’t have the information about the two. We are assuming that they are still together and continue on the show.


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