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Amusement Park Ride Death Video Graphic Footage Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit


WATCH: Amusement Park Ride Death Video Graphic Footage Goes Viral On Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit: As you, all know that when the amusement park incident happened in Florida. Everybody was taking caution. Because of this people have stopped going. If you are aware of the Tyre case then you will know what exactly happened to him. A 14-year-old kid has lost his life. After the video went viral on the internet. Many questions arose what exactly happened to him and how did he die. Authorities take this case very seriously and now they are investigating it. Cops reached out to his parents and interrogated them. After having the conversation with his parents, nothing has come out. But their investigation was going on. Follow More Update On

14-Years Old Fall Orlando Drop Tower Death Video

Amusement Park Ride Death Video

Tyre Sampson who was 14 years old fell from the Free Fall drop tower at ICON Park in Orlando. according to the cops. The Free Fall takes riders up and then drops them nearly 400 feet at speeds that reach more than 75 mph. From the halfway ride, one of his seat belts was loosened and he fell from the ride. When he reached the ground, he already lost his life and didn’t get enough time to save him. If paramedics reached on time, then it is difficult to save him. Because he had already broken his bones, multiples fractures has already occurred, and half of the blood was gone. His brain and his heart have stopped working.

Amusement Park Ride Death Video Graphic

His parents were sad and crying all the time when he gets the news about his son. His mother didn’t control his emotions and cried all the time. She didn’t even eat anything. His father named Yarnell Sampson said two sentences for him. He says, we both spent a good time with each other. On weekends, we go together to do fishing and sometimes go to the cinema theatres to watch the movies. That was the best moment of our lives that I have spent with him. But after hearing his passing news, my heart was broken and we don’t have enough words to describe to you from which pain I have been suffering. If someone lost his child, he will understand him.

His son was 6’5” tall and weigh 60 kgs. He was a big and strong guy. He is never afraid of any obstacles. In fact, he faced it. Our sources are still trying to get the information. So, if you appreciate our words then follow this site.


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